Financial Services Women at the Top


"Learn from the best – the women featured in this book show how teamwork trumps rugged individualism on the road to success in the financial services industry. Inspiring and practical!"

Babs Smith and Dan Sullivan, co-founders of Strategic Coach®

"This inspirational book is written by women, about women, but is not just for women. Men, too, can benefit from the information and advice. from the highly successful women who openly talk about their careers and their lives."

Terry Headley, Headley Financial Group, Past National President of NAIFA

"Wow! What an amazing compilation of information that is relatable and enjoyable. Isn’t it amazing that even after all these years women only comprise 20% of financial services. Hopefully this will help!"

Marcia Murphy, CLU, Retired Financial Services Marketing Director

"Financial Services Women At The Top is a great gift to the financial services industry.  As a fellow WIFS member, I am very proud of the research project conducted by WIFS on such an important topic, with such relevant results. Diane Dixon and Charlie Reed have done a beautiful job of compiling this data so that the reader has easy access to the findings, providing us the privilege of a personal window into the successful lives of top women in our industry.  These revelations solidify the indisputably valuable role of women in our industry, encouraging newcomers and applauding seasoned advisors.  Congratulations to the authors and WIFS. I feel this book could become a very long lasting resource."

Daralee S Barbera CFP CMFC CLF ChFC
Managing Principal Waddell and Reed
GAMA International President 2014-2015
WIFS Woman of the Year 2013-2014

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